世界最大のコンピュータグラフィックスとインタラクティブ技術の国際会議「ACM SIGGRAPH 2010」(7/25-29, ロサンゼルス)にて、白井研究室の「Scritter」プロジェクトの関連投稿「A New “Multiplex Content” Displaying System Compatible with Current 3D Projection Technology」が採択されました。
 採択枠は「Late Breaking」というセクションで、本年より設定された最新の話題を収集するために、もっとも遅い締め切り(5月上旬)で設定されたものです。この投稿は、Posters, Talks, Student Research Competitionと3つの投稿を兼ねており、白井が東工大世界文明センター非常勤「メディアアート特論」の学生他と協働でゴールデンウィークを投じて勝ち取った成果であります。

 なお白井研究室ではSIGGRAPH2010において全力でツアー開催します。とりあえず主著者の長野君(東工大)と宇津木君(東工大)、それから研究室から発表要員に周君(神奈川工科大)が出陣予定ですがどんな珍道中になることやら…まあそれも経験ですが。私の友人のPaul Debevec研究室(南カリフォルニア大ICT、映画Matrixのバレット撮影の基本技術を発明した研究者)やSuzuki Masuoさんの訪問なども計画中であります詳細は…特設ページを準備します。

 本件の投稿に関わった皆様(下のビデオの最後にSpecial Thanksが出てきます)に感謝です!



Average score: 3.5
Submission Information:
Id: latebreaking_0063
Title: A New “Multiplex Content” Displaying System Compatible with Current 3D Projection Technology
Reviewer #18994:
  5) Discussion This was a wonderful project to review, however I was left with a few concerns.
First, this sort of content is best tried in a demonstration environment, such as Etech, and has limited appeal in a talk situation.
Second, the technology used is not new–In fact, it’s largely described as using unmodified components, off the shelf.Therefore, the interest to conference attendees would mostly be seeing the proposed applications of this project, of which the presenters include a few mock up designs and a limited test case.

While I ultimately enjoyed reviewing this project, I was left feeling unsure if it would translate well as a short talk. I would encourage the authors to submit their compelling demo to Emerging Technologies next year.

Reviewer #22836:
  5) Discussion The authors propose using the image descrimination abilities of modern 3D displays (both active and passive) to present multiple content streams instead of left and right images of a single content stream. They describe several potential applications of this technology. The idea is an interesting one, however, they are missing references to previous work. A similar system has been shown by Texam Instruments as their DLP DualView Technology at CES 2008 ( for example). TI, however, never made this an official product and many people do not know of this work so a presenation at SIGGRAPH might be useful.
Reviewer #27165:
  5) Discussion Concept and Novelty: The idea of superimposing multiple images/text on top of another image at the same time is very compelling and demonstrates many possible applications.Interest: High level and relevant to an increasingly shrinking, multi-cultural world. Very timely.

Proposal Quality: Aside from some minor language issues which make it a bit difficult to follow the abstract, the images and movie more than makes up for the language incongruities. Would suggest the authors run the text by an english speaker for minor clean up.

Acceptable as a talk and poster.

Reviewer #28772:
  5) Discussion This submission proposes using modified stereoscopic displays to deliver one of two unique images to users. It does this by using standard stereoscopic hardware but instead of tuning each eye to see the different images, it tunes both eyes to the same image. While the modification of the 3D hardware appears novel, the problem being solved is not that compelling. Will theaters use expensive 3D projectors to show multi-language sub-titles? At home, why not just select the preferred language in the DVD submenu?