Laval Virtual ReVolution 2011 作品募集中

 フランスで13年の歴史を持つ欧州最大のVRコンベンション「Laval Virtual」(2011/4/6-10)にて開催される、国際公募デモ展「Laval Virtual ReVolution」。2006年の開始から今年で7回目の開催となります。
 2009年から実現した併催のVR国際会議「VRIC」プロシーディングへの採録に加え、今年は優秀作品に口頭発表の機会が与えられます。また話題のKINECTを使った革命的なプロジェクトを募集する「The French KINECTion」部門が設定されております。
Laval Virtual ReVolution 2011 Session Chair 神奈川工科大学 白井暁彦
 会場はメイン会場から徒歩圏のHotel “Perier du Bignon”です。
 またシンポジウムでの採択可否には直接関係ありませんが、投稿時のdescription documentは時間と品質を保つため、こちらのVRIC2011のテンプレートを利用されることを推奨いたします。
“Laval Virtual ReVolution2011” calls emerging KINECT projects!

Dear All,

Here is a Call for Demo of “Laval Virtual ReVolution 2011”.
Laval Virtual is one of biggest VR convention in Europe (over 10,000 participants for a week).
This year’s ReVolution will select some “INVITED” project which can get your air-tickets, accommodation and banquet.
Additionally, we will select a few submission to oral presentation as a symposium in VRIC, internatinal conf in VR.
As I wrote on the subject, we call emerging KINECT project in “The French KINECTion” selection.
Thanks to distribute this call to your colleagues, students, friend, artists and hackers… 🙂

Best regards,
Akihiko SHIRAI, Ph.D (chair of ReVolution / KAIT JAPAN)

“Laval Virtual ReVolution2011”

-World Performance of VR Applications-

[NEW For ReVolution 2011]

– “The French KINECTion” selection is added. 
– Best submitted papers will be selected and accepted for a special session in VRIC Conference. 
Finally extend until 23th Jan 2011!!

Presentation of the world’s most innovative achievements in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality and their future applications.

Laval Virtual ReVolution is an annual honor to the world’s finest VR project by Laval Virtual. This is a hall of fame award that decides the best Virtual Reality demonstration and/or application from all over the world. Virtual Reality is not only a technology but also a never ending story between computers and human history.

We cannot get the final answer of this issue immediately, as we still need to find and walk one of the many possible paths that will lead us to a future navigated by brilliant stars. The staring at those stars should be continued for the future voyagers on the way.

Of course, a great number of academic papers or commercial products can build a way of Virtual Reality. However we suggest a new relation between developmental projects and general public at on-site demonstrations. If a performed project has impact, technology and persuasive, it might move the general public and it changes our commonsense. So, this means a revolution in the history of Virtual Reality.

Please try to join today’s stardom with your exciting project.  And share the activity from all over the world! We hope to accept your brilliant projects which can get over the current common sense of Virtual Reality and make changes to the current human-computer interfaces and Virtual Reality history.

  • Technology Demonstration
  • Interactive Arts
  • Entertainment VR
  • New Media Designs
  • New Game Systems
  • New Human Interfaces and Displays
  • Realtime Images
  • [The French KINECTion] (special selection, only in 2011)
     Revolutional project using KINECT!

….And any other “non genre” VR projects

Chair : Akihiko SHIRAI, Kanagawa Institute of Technology(KAIT), Japan

Co-chairs : 
 Simon RICHIR (Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France), 
 Machiko KUSAHARA (Waseda Univ, Japan / UCLA USA),
 Masahiko INAMI ( Keio Univ , Japan ), 
 Matthieu LEPINE (Laval Virtual France)

 Keywords & Topics : Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, ReVolution, Open Competition of VR

Please see pages below:

– How to get accepted on ReVolution 
– Submission details

Please contact us via [email protected] in English/French/Japanese with English subject.


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