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This Thursday on May the 18th, me and the rest of Shirai-lab went to Shueisha. inc, the most famous manga magazine “JUMP” and its company . As a big manga fan myself, I am naturally very excited to have the opportunity to go on this pilgrim as Shueisha can easily be considered as the holy place not just for Japanese comic fans, but for any Japanese pop-culture enthusiasts.

Shueisha is located near Jimbocho station in Tokyo. At the entrance are various manga related products such as One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach’s posters, a life sized anime character wearing a two piece swimsuit, as well as many other goods. What’s more, the entire Shueisha is filled with manga posters, anime character board cut outs, and more life sized Jump characters. At the end of our tour we are all allowed to pick one Jump Anime merchandise and the one I picked is a Naruto Jacket.

Afterwards we went inside a large meeting room to discuss possible collaboration between Shirai-lab and Jump. Some of the topics we discussed include Shueisha’s exhibitions in England, France, America, and other countries as well as future opportunities abroad. After the meeting the entire crew went to a nearby restaurant and partied till well over midnight. Me and Asano left the place around 11:30 PM where we traveled by train back to Hon-Atsugi and then walked on foot back to our apartments.

等身大のアニメキャラクターpaper cut out