Japan Overview

It is now end of July and near the end of August and my journey in Japan is about to come to a temporary end as I will be going back to the states in mid August . 
During this time of roughly six months in Japan, I have had a very good semester and got to work on many projects this semester, including FamiLink TV, Manga Generator, Global Game Jam, and various paper submissions and exhibitions.
I got to witness many aspects of Japanese life and culture and am touched by people’s politeness, work ethic and kindness. Many people in the lab are more than willing to help me in correcting my Japanese speeches as well as making phone calls for me when I need it. Hisataka went with me to city administration and even LeoPalace to get the documents done when I need to. Even though I am the only English speaker in the lab, students here are more than willing to talk in a language I can respond to, which really shocks and moves me at the same time. I also make clumsy mistakes from time to time such as working with Genki and Kosaku, but they patiently corrected me in projects. Many other people, Kamishi, Taguchi…etc all helped me from time to time and made suggestions to my art. People always have time for me even when they are very busy and never hesitate to lend any support needed. Many adjust their own time so I can be helped, just incredible.
It is impossible to count the number of highlights I have had this semester, because they just keep on coming and never end. I will be going back to the United States next semester and will be graduating by the end of 2014 with a master degree, thereby ending my life as a student in established academic institutes possibly permanently, and am glad I was able to come to KAIT near the end of my academic student career.