KAIT Graduation

On March 22, 2014 Saturday, college seniors and last year master/Ph.d students of KAIT officially graduated.  We at Shirai-lab had a small celebration where students were handed graduation documents by Shirai-sensei and afterwards everyone had a small party/chat telling everyone their plans afterwards.  Shirai-sensei also drew each of the graduates a small portrait.  Yannick, the French master student doing an intern at Shirai-lab also brought two presents from France for everyone to enjoy.

At night 15 students of Shirai lab, including the sensei went to a Karaoke bar near Tsumada and partied/sang for the entire night.  Me, Yannick, Kosaku, and sensei as well as two other student stayed until around 10:30 before we went home.P1050216