Media Ambition Tokyo

On Sunday March 5th, 2017, I went to Roppongi Hills in Tokyo for the Media Ambition Tokyo show. The exhibition was located at the 52th floor of the tallest building in Roppongi Hills called the Tokyo sky view where one can see the entire Tokyo city. The works exhibited there are a mixture of digital art, technical innovation, projection technology, and 3D printed works.

Among the many projects exhibited there, the work that caught my attention the most is called “Levitrope” by Dr. Ochiai. “Levitrope” is composed of nearly ten metal spheres floating on top of a metal desk without any strings or supporting materials attached them. What’s more, the spheres appear to be travelling in circular motion around the circular desk at a constant speed without ever going off track.

After the exhibition I considered going to Gundam Front to take one last peek at the Gundam statue before it got taken down but due to the lack of money had to cancel the trip. I only hope the Gundam statue will be moved to some other parts in Japan as it wasn’t always in Tokyo.

3月5日に、第五回のMedia Ambition Tokyoに参加するために、六本木ヒルズへ向かいました。チケットは佐藤先生にいただきました。三週間前に、同じ展示へ行くつもりでしたが、地図を持っていたのに、展覧会のビルをみつけられませんでした。それで、別の美術館へ行きました。今回は、前回より詳細な地図をもらいましたので、展覧場所を見つけることができました。



Media Ambition 東京で展示していた飛行機。
東京 Sky Viewから、見下ろすと東京都全体が見えます。