2 Weeks in Japan


As of Monday, February 20th, 2017, I have stayed in Japan for two full weeks. During this time I have done many things but there are still much more to be done. So far I have listened to the graduation presentation of graduate students as well as undergraduate seniors, attended intensive interview training for Rotary Yoneyama scholarship interview (which ended up getting cancelled), bought appliances and furniture for my new apartment, and studied artificial intelligence.

The most important thing I’ve accomplished so far is the SIGGRAPH 2017 submission I did together with other Shirai lab members. The submission took a long time and a lot of communication took place but eventually we got it done.

Currently in order to get better at my Japanese I’m practicing it every single day. It’s not the easiest language there is and switching in between English and Japanese isn’t as easy as some would expect but I’m making some progress. Below are some of the photos I have taken so far since arriving at Japan.

窓から山が見えます。I can see the mountains from my apartment window.
新しい趣味はコーラのラベルを集めることです。My new hobby is to collect labels on the coke bottles.
先週末に有名な陶工、辻清明の展覧会へ行きました。I went to the pottery exhibition of the famous Japanese potter Tsuji Seimei last weekend.
My bike from 3 years ago given to me by a French friend of mine is still at my old apartment, but since I lost my key I couldn’t use it.