Stereoscopic Animation

I’m working on rendering some of my old animations into stereoscopic film clips that I’m going to try out with the 2x3D Scritter system.
I think the biggest challenge with it is knowing how the 3D effect will look like. The laptop I’m working with is not supporting stereoscopic effect in maya. So I have to do a lot of test renders with different setups, that I can try out on the 2x3D system, before I know which setup to use.

3D film

I’m working on exporting 3D material from the labs 3D camera.
We are going to use filmed 3D short clips to show of the 2x3D Scritter system at SIGGRAPH.

The problem right now is that the 3D files can’t be used strait out of the camera. So I’m uploading them to Youtube, witch converts them into side by side 3D.
But the results is not perfect right now because one of the sides becomes very shaky and unwatchable. So I’m trying to decrees the shakes using Youtubes own anti-shaking solution. So far with no good results.


First month

So we’re half way through our second month, here in Japan, and I thought I would summaries the first month.

We arrived here in Japan October 10:e and spent our first 3 days in an hotel near to the Hon-Atsugi station. During those first days we had to fix quite a lot of things to get settled in Japan. we looked for an apartment and signed all the needed papers, which was quite a lot. We also opened up a bank account so that we could pay our rent and bills trough a Japanese account.

On the third day we had all the papers signed, yea it really took that long to sign them all, and we could move in to our apartments. We also had to buy all the needed house equipment, like beds, sheets and kitchenware.

I think the first week was the one we spent the most amount of money. Roughly around 250´000 yen (ca €2350) was spent. But after that we also had bills like our health insurance, which is obligatory, to pay. The cost for that is 1400 yen a month.

Then we also had to sign up for a Japanese SIM card, for our phones, and that was a cost of around 4000 yen a month.

All in all I think I spent around 300´000 yen (ca €2800) my first month.

So for others planing on becoming an exchange student in Japan I would recommend to have a good budget and be ably to communicate in Japanese, which we had problems with since we hadn’t studied the languages before we came here.

All the best,

Eye morphing

I’m in the rigging phase of the character now.
I just finished creating the morph-targets for the right eye and are now working on mirroring it to the left eye.
A simple blink:
Eye Blinking
The skin around the eye adapting to the eyes movement:

I’ve also been collecting good dialogue sounds for my animations and are now working on sketching out how I want the animations to be like.

All the best,