Keith Lango

Yesterday I bought an animation tutorial set from Keith Lango. He is a highly skilled animator and teacher. I have watched a lot of his tutorials before. But now I decided to buy his entire tutorial collection of 60+ video hours of animation tutorials. The price was only 99 us$, around 8500 Yen a believe.

These tutorials will hopefully help my workflow and give me a lot of good tips and tricks in Maya.

I have also been working on the layout of one of the animation scenes that will be part of my character emotion set.
I’m not fully happy with it yet and this planing phase is quite important, because I need to be absolutely certain of what camera angel I want to use ( so that I can create the right Silhouette and line of action)

I also want to act it out in front of a camera, to try out different body language technics. Here is one that I filmed the week before we went to Singapore:

What needs improving is the body language and better line of action. Right now it’s a little to chaotic and the arms are moving to much. I also want more solid extreme poses that really shows the emotions, going from despair to angry.

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