Step1 “Starting and Move on”


After a presentation planning to finish. This week is the step1 of the project. Step1 is learning about software of the Spyder4. I searched Internet data about using software of the Spyder4. On Tuesday, I and Suzuki help into the program but the program is Japanese language , which I feel very worried because  I don’t know the Japanese language that it will result in delayed work. I and Suzuki trying to find information and use the program to change the language. Finally, Suzuki changed the laptop. I am really grateful Suzuki that helping me and giving advice on everything.


When I finished, I have already tried to calibrate the display of laptop for practice using the Spyder4. I tested the display of laptop with brightness. I set brightness at 0% / 25% / 50% / 75% / 100% which brightness difference makes change the color temperature (White Point). Good color temperature is 6500K. So, if you want to image when will use the display for Expixel should adjust the color temperature 6500K.

bright right

After experimenting with the laptop. So I began to experiment with the 3D display. In conclusion, it steps as shown below.



I started to experiment with the 3D display ” TOSHIBA REGZA”. I set up completely, but the problem is a remote control of the 3D display that its Japanese language. I need to use the remote control to set up brightness, contrast etc. To adjust the display as the standard every machine. if you don’t set them will affect results when calibration completed. It will can’t compare each other.
I tried to use translate but I can’t adjust to them. Next week I will try to resolve the problem and start the step2.

10402588_848297571922487_2976788455487634033_n _NNN3348


Where there’s a will — Success here it.






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