Weeks of Beginning



              Today is the day of my presentation planning. I am a very excited. It is an important day for me because I have to prepare for the project such as the search for information, read the previous research, go to the museum and consult with professor. I get inspiration and new ideas for research.

              Planning is identify the objectives, policies, procedure and program for achieve the set. My project is Device optimization for ExPixel Technology for

  • Find the relationship between brightness, contrast and color temperature of the display and polarized filter that is different or not?
  • The color calibrate will make the brightness , contrast and color temperature of display and polarized filter are more similar or not?

8649For content of the present, I thank Shirai sensei that advised me to put the video of the expixel for everyone to understand and communicate very easily. It’s better than text. When the presentation planning, I feel a slight pressure. Because I was the first to be present but I think it’s a good experience.


After the presentation, I relax and feel relieved very much. And another good things after the presentation, I got the certificate from JST. I am very happy because it is the certificate about I has successfully achieved the course of Japan-Asia Youth Exchange program in Science administered by the JST.



            In the morning I study about using the program processing with student of  KAIT. It is the subject about the programming C language and using the program. It is fun and very interesting.  I attended the Japanese students that they study very hard, the class on time and responsibility. I was very impressed and would like to apply to myself.


           In the afternoon I went to the lab of Tanaka sensei. It is a lab at about Ubiquitous systems by wireless communication. It is very interesting. There are many new inventions, such as Sign Language ,Electric Wheelchair Automatic, Equipment operation by various interfaces, etc. Everybody to welcome us well. Make me the inspiration for new and more.

                                              To start with a new experience.

การแปล กรุณารอสักครู่..

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