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Good experience

June 11, 2015


I have unresolved problems since yesterday so I want to finish it. But this morning, Sensei gives a new challenge for me. It’s about ARToolkit. I’ve never heard before but I think it’s very interesting. I know what’s Sensei suggested to me is useful so I intend to study and try to find a way to install all day. The most difficult things are I try to find a way to install program and understand it. I couldn’t have done it without Tsuda so big thank you to him. 🙂

Although today is the day that I’m very busy because I concentrate to my work but it’s worth when I’m done. Like I’ve stepped up the stairs to go one step further. Now I can try it by paper. Next I will try it by ExPixel display to obtain location and angle (posture matrix).

“Don’t give up just because things are hard.”

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