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Month: June 2015

Good experience

June 11, 2015


I have unresolved problems since yesterday so I want to finish it. But this morning, Sensei gives a new challenge for me. It’s about ARToolkit. I’ve never heard before but I think it’s very interesting. I know what’s Sensei suggested to me is useful so I intend to study and try to find a way to install all day. The most difficult things are I try to find a way to install program and understand it. I couldn’t have done it without Tsuda so big thank you to him. 🙂

Although today is the day that I’m very busy because I concentrate to my work but it’s worth when I’m done. Like I’ve stepped up the stairs to go one step further. Now I can try it by paper. Next I will try it by ExPixel display to obtain location and angle (posture matrix).

“Don’t give up just because things are hard.”

Week of turmoil


If you are talking about this week. The first thing to mention is presentation of my project that I’m not ready for my presentation because it just finished before the presentation start only 15 minutes and I have only 5 minutes for my lunch time. Anyway, today is raining day. Everything’s gone bad, I feel a fever because walking in the rain in the morning before come to the University. After the presentation is done, I relieve my stress and it make me feel much better. Although I knew that it was not good but tomorrow will be a better day.




The beautiful sunset before going home (Tomorrow will be better )

June 5th
Every Friday, I feel free because tomorrow is Saturday. This morning I have to learn C-language with my professor. I’m really enjoy it. \ ^_^ /


My little owl

In the afternoon, I visit to the laboratory of Professor Tanaka. Everything is very amazing and I think it can be applied in everyday life.


8th floor of K1 Building