Well today spend some a lot of time being on the bank and  cancelling our apartments. Most is done now and would say it went pretty well. It cost me 1200yen to send a letter to the united states.

Allright, all the textures is finally finished. Now I am planning on how to prepare for the presentation that is soon to come. Quite a lot have been made since came here. All the characters, props and environment, all the textures and 3d animatic etc etc. The thing is, how can you compress everything to one presentation? Well I got some ideas going on right now. But tomorrow is photosession time as I understand it and it is suit on!

This is a picture of testing the final textures for the cardboxes. A massive update is planned for the production blog soon ( Hopefully on Friday depending on how much time is left.

Nothing but a paint thing

Hi again,

more and more textures is being finished, My goal is that everything will be finsihed by tomorrow morning. So that I have time to prepare and send in the final work on friday. Well there is a lot that have been finished. My brain is like gelly now and I will take a break by going out and jogging. It usually helps to get some fresh air.

Here are some pictures of the progress.

See you guys later!
/ Khamla

Push push push!

Allright, little spare time for the wicked. Been working like crazy nowadays. The list of props that need to texture is quite large. I am checking off my list texture by texture. My overall tempo is about two textures per hours depends on how advance it is. Some needs to re-texturise. The thing is it is all hand painted(or photoshop painted), meaning I do not just pick a color and tweak some adjustment, nor do I take a picture for textures. Every different object(or 3d modell) have a unique texture (well except for copies of the same object of course)

It may be time consuming, but the reward is greater. I get the look that I am after. Want it to look like a child or an amature have painted on a real life object. To “fake” a traditional paint look in a digital platform is a bit challenging, but then again it is the artistic style I am after.

I am on a good way and more then half of the props is textured. But there is still some work to be done.

Tomorrow, we have to head down to Hon-atsugi to end our apartment contract. The time flies and we are preparing our trip back home to Sweden. It is with mixed feelings to fly home. I will miss japan and people I have met here, at the same time I need to continue my work in Sweden.

Thank you for reading,

more and more texture

Been updating my textures, finally found a look I really like. This week updates will be short and I may not update with a picture everyday. The reason is I am mainly doing the textures now and it might look more interesting with some lights and when everything is finshed. Right now half the characters have the “new” look. It is a little more painterly. My goal is to have every character finished by today.

Then the rest of the week will be about texturing the props and environment. Hopefully everything will run smoothly.

More modelling

Now it is time to finish up the environment. Woke up early and did a lot of modelling.
After lunch I spended the rest of the day tweaking some camera movements and angles.

must say that since the winter Holiday, the work is progressing really fast. Guess I am in a flow right now. Anyways, see you guys tomorrow for more updates.

/ Khamtastic

Modelling away!

Today was a good production day, all the props modells was finished. Is a bit ahead of the schedule right now. Tomorrow I plan to do the environments. It should not be a biggie.

anyways here is a picture of one props and a sketch I did today.

Yeah, and I will also make a larger post on soon.
Have a great night and see you all tomorrow!

Winter Holiday ended

Hi all, long time no see.

I noticed that my views is higher when I write the blog less formal. Will do my best to keep all you interested. How have my holidays been? well it was busy, least to say. We had some artist friends from Sweden visiting for a little bit more then a week. They helped me a lot with the project. Especially my old mentor gave me valuable assistance.
The 3d animatic looks better then anticipated, still scheduled it for some more feedback. But that can wait for a bit.The texture problems is solved feels like everything is running smoothly now. With the title text and everything the film landed
on a solid 2minutes.

The new years eve was magic and my love for Tokyo and the japanese increased. We started with some sweet thai food in Shinjuku. Impressed my swedish mates, talked thai with the waitress and the chef was happy to talk Lao with me. We planned first to go to a Jazz club, but they were full. So we went to a Rock club instead for the countdown, it was a amazing and so fun 🙂

After that, we took a walk. Around 7 A.M. we went to the meiji temple. Wash our hands in a traditional way, we never went in for prayers out of respect for another mans religion. We took a walk around it. It was full of people. Intresting to see how different people celebrate the ending of the year.

Akihabara showed a lot of modern japanese art in the form of manga and toys, we walked and watched for hours in this area. Needles to say I could spend more hours. I guess for most japanese that this is a everyday view and may not see this as something special,
but for people living in the other side of the world… well this was fascinating. Picked up a lot of insperation.

I do not own this picture, but here is a link on one of the toys.×533.jpg

We also took the chance to visit a japanese art exhibition at Tokyo metropolitan art museum, that day was the last day they showed western art. They even had a Van Gogh painting! To see how japanese viewed western art changed some of my art perspective. For instance they considered a lot of the middle eastern art to be part of the western art, it is a great logic in that point of view. Also fun to compare the japanese art and the western art.

Taking pictures is prohibited.

Tokyo tower was a height you should not miss when visiting tokyo.

This is all from me today! Will update with a picture or two as soon as possible!
Thank you for reading.