Hobby project in action

We were supposed to meet a girl who wanted to learn english and in exchange she is going to teach us japanese. But there was a misunderstanding, she thought that the meeting was next week and we thought it was yesterday. I called her and she seemed super nervous. The reason was probably because she suddenly got a call in english.

I noticed that people send sms a lot here in Japan, even the guys do that. Back home guys rarely send sms if it is something important or if you want to hang out. I have a perfect excuse for not sending sms, my simcard do not allow me to send sms.

So we decided to work on our hobbyproject, we went to the jamming room and started to play some music. It went pretty good this time. I am rusty and the people I play with are a little new to music, but it is starting to sound good now. I try to raise the bar ever session. We have not played much together, found out that we are going to have a 20 min concert by the end of december. That should not be any problems I hope.

Here is a picture with some of our crewmembers

Wish you all a great day and week!
/ Khamla


unusual dinner

So we have officially joined the music club now. they invited us to what we thought would be a dinner. It turned out to be a really crazy party with lots of free alcohol. It was fun and I enjoyed it alot. Though it made me a little tired the day after. How was the party and how is it different from the ones back home?

first off when the party started people were relaxed and quite. After a while they were really loud (like back home =) ), then men started to kiss and make out with each others, stripping clothes of from the most drunked onesand gave them a box. So there were a couple of naked men at the party. Some passed out. This is an unusal sight for me. The food was good, a lot of fried dishes. They had fried chicken, pork vegetebles and more fried chicken.

Even though it was a lot of suprises I must say it was really interesting to see. It was a very big contrast to see that the japanese students are usually very quite and polite, but when alcohol is running through the veins, The inner spirit of the party warrior comes out.

I do not dare to post any pictures, because I havent asked permission to post them yet. But hopefully someday in the future we will see them.

One love!
/ Khamla

As crazy you can be

There is a swedish friend here in atsugi who took us outlast weekend. To be honest I was still sick. The funny thing is that I actually feelt much better the day after. Well borrowed a streets saleseman his guitar and tried to hook him up with some customers.

Then we sang karaoke for 5 hours, I must say that it was very relaxing.

Today we had our first jamming session. It feelt really good, I enjoyed it alot I havent played in a band for a while, but now we got acces to a music room once a week. Hopefully I can borrow a guitar or bass soon. I was the vocalist and bass player today.

Shirai-sensei told us we could write about our everyday life here. So I am thinking of dedicating this blog primarly on my everyday life in Japan. And for all of you who enjoy my production updates. Do not dispair, you can follow your boy at khamlicious.tumblr.com/.

Allright enough from me!
One Love! / Khamla Vonsensey

Feeling better

Feeling a bit better now. Worked from home and forgot the 3d file at school, so I worked on the 3d layout for the animatic instead. It went well, is really rusty when it comes to modelling. I did all the camera planning and tried out the fist camera panning. All the environmental scenes are finished.

i was never satisfied with the cameras animation, redid it a couple of times. Now it feels almost ok. All in all I would say it was an effective day. Tomorrow I plan on continuing with modelling the main character.

Thank you for reading

/ Khamla

Back on track!

Have been a little sick last couple of days. We went out one night though, do not believe it to be my life smartest decision. But feeling pretty good today 🙂

So I started to modell, the main character now. Rosanna sended a first output on a music part. Been planning a little for my 2d animatic. Is gonna sleep a lot today so my stupid cold dissapears.

Anayways here is a printscreen on the eyes progress.

One love!

Updates on yesterday work

Hi everyone,

This is your boy Khamla. I have redrawn all my characters and environment. this is more or less one of hte last drawing stage. Hopefully the props for the characters and environment will be done this week.

Started on my subproject in flash yesterday. It is a ball obstacle course. It is roughdrawn in adobe flash and animated and created in autodesk maya. more on that tomorrow!

for more details on the project please visit khamlicious.tumblr.com/.

Have a nice day!