Hon-Atsugi Exhibition March 01, 2014

On Saturday, March 01, 2014, many labs of K1 building (information technology building) in KAIT exhibited their projects in an exhibition center near Hon-Atsugi train station to the various gaming professional.

The projects range from animation, rhythm based reaction games, virtual reality, and multi-imaging games.  In one of the projects the player plays as a sumo wrestler who slept late and has to bash his way through waves of obstacles to reach the stadium.  In another game the player need to tap on their different body parts in a rhythm game (similar to the round 3B BVW project me, Xiao, and Ari did in Spring 2013), thus does exercises while finishing the game.  In both of these games a software similar to Makey Makey is used and players need to push their opponents like a sumo wrestler in the sumo game, enriching the experience.  A 3D animation about various desert creatures teaming together to fight a giant cobra is also shown, and as of now it has won several entrance awards.  Shirai-lab also exhibited our multi-imaging technique where we hide one content under another one.

Afterwards all of the participants and guests went to a Karaoke bar and had fun.  Although expensive, we were able to chat with various gaming personals and exchange name cards.  I also met different professors who worked in the same building as Shirai-lab.