Graduation Celebration Party at KAIT

On Feburary 6th, 2014, I attended the graduation celebration party at KAIT and partied with members from Shirai-lab and Otsuka-lab.  We ate dinner which consisted of hot pots and barbecue on the sixth floor of the information tech building (also known as K1).

We had a Super Smash Brother’s Tournament where 28 players participated in it.  One of the contestants who won the first match but was too drunk to play the semi-final round, so my friend Hisataka (his first name) who had lost in the previous semi-final round gets to play again.  In the end Akira (his first name) from Shirai lab emerged as the winner and got 2,800 yen as a reward (everyone donated 100 yen).  Afterwards we cleaned the tables and departed at around 10:30.

It is interesting to see the kinds of interaction that took place in the party.  Because the two labs, although having a close relationship, does not interact that frequently, people did not know each other’s relative year in school since collage students do not have name tags or name cards indicating their position.  A friend of mine named Aoki (his last name, from Otsuka-lab) asked another friend of mine Kunitomi (his last name, from Shirai-lab):  Senpai, what year are you?  Genki answered he is third year, surprising Aoki that they are actually the same year and that he should not be calling Genki senpai.