SIGGRAPH 2017 Overview

7月26日から、8月6日まで、白井研究室のBabyチームは最新の”Real Baby – Real Family”をSIGGRAPHで展示するために、再び一回アメリカのロセンゼルスへ遠征に向かいました。遠征チームメンバーは5人で、私と赤ちゃんチームの望月宥冶、浅野隆弥、東田茉莉花、そして私達の監督者:白井先生で向かいました。今回のSIGGRAPHは、Expressive会議と一緒にLos Angeles Convention  Centerで開催されました。

SIGGRAPHはアメリカの最大コンピュータグラフィックスとインタラクティブ技術の国際会議です。SIGGRAPHは有名な会議なので、世界中の有名な研究者と開発者と現役のCG製作会社の社員や研究者と会うことができ、色々な先端技術が見れます。そして、SIGGRAPHの中に様々なイベントがあります。例えば:Birds of a Feather、Electronic Theater、Real Time Live等です。SIGGRAPHと同時に開催された国際会議「Expressive 2017」はデジタルアートやコンピュータグラフィックス画像を生成と加工についてのシンポジウムです。

Google Earthの発表。
SIGGRAPH最終日のThe Making of Marvel Studio’s *Spider-Man Homecoming”の発表のSpider Manの等身大モデル。

Birds of a Featherは、コンピュータグラフィックスの興味を持つ人々が集まる非営利事業についての会議です。白井先生が主催するBirds of a FeatherはフランスのLaval Virtualの方と日本のIVRCの方が参加していました。私と望月宥冶もBirds of a Featherのセッション内でReal Baby – Real Familyの内容と経験を発表しました。

SIGGRAPHのElectronic Theaterは今年一年の中で最も優秀なComputer Animation Festivalに投稿された動画や、ビデオが紹介されるイベントです。このイベントの長さは2時間ぐらいありましたが、とても楽しかったので、イベント中に私はまったく飽きなかったです。それに、今回の動画は前年のElectronic Theaterより素晴らしかったと思います。

またReal Time Liveはその場でお客さんの前で新しいコンピュータグラフィックスのシステムをデモしているイベントです。


私が参加したの他の重要なイベントはSIGGRAPHのレセプション(懇親会)とアートパーティです。今回のSIGGRAPHレセプションはカリフォルニア科学館で開催されました。カリフォルニア科学館の中には本物のスペースシャトルと衛星があったり、様々な展示があるので、私は良い時間を過ごせました。それに、科学館の中で、自分の友達と会えて、昔話をしました。アートパーティはSIGGRAPH Art Galleryの参加者を集めて、挨拶するパーティーです。私は1年前にSIGGRAPH AsiaでArt Galleryをボランティアして、Art Galleryの友達に会いに行きました。

SIGGRAPH 2017のアートパーティで展示していた美術作品。
SIGGRAPH内でLaval Virtualに招待されたEmerging Technologyの展示。

BabyチームはSIGGRAPHのEmerging Technology部門で展示していました。今回の体験者は技術開発者とコンピュータグラフィックスの専門家たちですから、私達は沢山有用な助言をもらいました。これはBabyチームの進歩にとても有益だと思います。



So Rex here back for another report on my most recent activities. Also a special thanks to Takaya Asano for helping me editng my Japanese version this time. On July the 26th the Real Baby – Real Family team went to American once again for the SIGGRAPH conference in order to exhibit the latest version of our product.  Aside from SIGGRAPH I was also scheduled to attend Expressive conference, a 2 day conference co-hosted with SIGGRAPH in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Just in case people do not know what SIGGRAPH is, it is the largest computer graphics conference in the world and attracts thousands of researchers, developers, and company employees per year. This is actually my 4th time in SIGGRAPH, with my first time being 2014 as a paper submitter but not on-site attendee. My first in-person SIGGRAPH was back in 2015 when I participated as a student volunteer.

As expected from the biggest Computer Graphics conference in the world, SIGGRAPH is full of many different kinds of talks, demonstrations, and gatherings for people to attend. Some of the most significant ones include: Birds of a Feather, Real Time Live, Electronic Theater and so forth. Birds of a Feather is non-commercial gathering of developers who got together to share their ideas and projects. All projects are non-commercial in nature and any talks regarding advertisements are forbidden. This year people from Laval Virtual Reality and Japan’s IVRC are also present. Electronic theater is the showing of the best computer graphics animations that are submitted to SIGGRAPH. In my opinion this year’s electronic theater is much better than previous years with the story plot and emotions conveyed more genuine and realistic. Real-Time Live is the live demonstration of newly developed computer graphics software. All demonstrations are done in real time in front of the audiences.

Other events that I attended include the SIGGRAPH opening ceremony and the Art Party. This year’s opening ceremony is hosted at the California Science Museum. Inside the Science Museum are a retired space shuttle and several satellites. Furthermore since I got to see many of my old SIGGRAPH friends I had a very swell time. The Art Party is a party hosted for the attendees of the Art Gallery participants. Since I was a volunteer leader in the 2016 SIGGRAPH Asia, I was invited to attend and there I got to see many other old faces.

Regarding the exhibition of Real Baby – Real Family, since most of the players this time are professionals with much experience in virtual reality and other technologies, we received many valuable feedbacks. We also made some potential network connections. All in all I believe this year’s SIGGRAPH is a resounding success and I am looking forward to next year’s in Canada.









In this blog I will be discussing about my recent activities at Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation.  Before doing that I would like to give a big thanks to Yuya Mochizuki, a fellow Shirai-lab member. He helped me correct a lot of my Japanese sentences and made them more beautiful. Even now I am studying his corrections in an effort to improve my Japanese. Also thanks all other students in the lab: Higashida Marika, Watanabe Sho, Asano Takaya for their proof readings.

As a Rotary Yoneyama scholar it is my duty to attend monthly meetings one per month as well as participating in other mandatory activities the club has.

Last Sunday on July 16th, 2017, me and the other Rotary Yoneyama scholars gathered around Enoshima station to participate in the Enoshima Cleaning Campaign. It is a yearly event where current and past Rotary Yoneyama scholars as well as students who are interested in the club get together and pick up the garbage at Enoshima beach. I was very excited about this event since it has to do with environment protection so naturally I had a lot of fun.

The event started at 9 AM in the morning where scholarship recipients gathered at Enoshima station and walked towards the event location which is at a beach house right beside the ocean. We started setting up the event by taking food, drinks, as well as furniture from a car belonging to another Rotary staff. The sun was pretty intense that day but thankfully I bought my sun screen with me so all is well.

I was able to meet many different past Rotary scholars and together we performed a quick sweep around the beach area. My Rotary contact person, Takagi-sensei was also present at the beach. We talked about my recent activities and researches. Soon afterwards current scholars began cooking and serving lunch to well over 15 tables of guests. It was busy and work was demanding but the end result was well worth it as the atmosphere was joyful and full of laughter.

Near the end of the activity the current scholars participated in a post-event discussion, a common Japanese practice to discuss what could be improved upon for next time. Afterwards we resorted garbage into their respective bags and hauled the bags into a nearby dumpster.

My second Rotary event this month happened just two days ago on Friday July 21st when I participated in my first progress report. Instead of reporting my research progress however, I was asked to do a brief introduction. The Rotary staff also talked about the Great East Japan Earthquake that happened six years ago back in March 11 2011 and the Nuclear Reactor accident that happened afterwards. Other topics include growth of Rotary Yoneyama world wide and the growth of female members within the club. All in all I was very touched by the amount of activities Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation is involved in and am hoping to get more active within the club myself.

Anime Expo 2017 Los Angeles

6月28日から、7日4日まで、白井研究室のManga GeneratorチームとReal Baby – Real Familyチームの6人はアメリカ最大のアニメ展示会:Anime Expo 2017(AX2017)へ参加するために、アメリカのロセンゼルスへ向かいました。今回のAX2017での展示「日本キャラVR祭」は集英社が東京近郊のVR会社を招集して、共同で出展した展示です。Manga Generatorの共同展示者は株式会社プログマインド(ProgMind)です。

私達は6月28に羽田空港でProgMindの安藤さんと合流して、6月29日の午前1時の飛行機に乗って、6月28日午後6時ぐらいにロセンゼルス国際空港(LAX)で着きました。そこから、展示会場近くのAirbnbへSuper Shuttleで行きました。今回のAirbnbは中心市街窓から、ロセンゼルスの摩天楼や道を見ることができます。屋上でも綺麗な風景が見えます。


今回は展示中に色々なコスプレイヤーがいました。例えばドラゴンボールのトランクス、人造人間18号、ナルトの暁、ワンピースのルフィなどです。展示会場には、他の展示も沢山ありましたが、私は毎日11時から、7時まで自分のブースで働き、休み時間は1時間だけだったので、他の展示を体験する時間がありませんでした。しかし、Manga Generatorは1日で200回ぐらい体験され、4日間合計で711回も体験されました。体験者からの評価も上々です。ブースで働いていた渡邉翔と安藤歩美もとても嬉しそうです。


私達は最終日の晩御飯をOculusの会社の創始者Palmer Luckey氏と一緒に食べました。Palmer氏は今24歳ですが、彼はもう国際的に有名な会社の社長です。私も頑張ります。

Alright, so it’s been a long time since I have updated this blog. Things have been very very busy and I was left with little time for myself. This update is a long one however, as a lot of stuff has happened in the past month.

On June 28th, 2017, me and 4 other Shirai-lab members along with Shirai-sensei and Ando-san, an alumnus of Shirai-lab travelled to the Los Angeles International Airport to attend the Anime Expo 2017. Anime Expo, or AX for short, is the largest Anime exhibition in the entire North America. This time the exhibition, “Japan Character VR Matsuri” is a joint exhibition between Shueisha, the parent company of Shonen JUMP and  the Tokyo VR startup companies. Together our group consists of some 20 people from Japan and we occupied a large area in the Anime Expo’s Entertainment Hall. This is the first time for me to attend an Anime convention in America so naturally I was very excited.

Our Airbnb is located in downtown LA some 20 minutes of walk from the Los Angeles Convention Center, the hosting site for AX 2017. The Airbnb is actually a penthouse located on the 20th floor of a building, giving us very good view on a large section of Los Angeles. From my bed which was located right beside the windows I can see neon signs such as U.S. bank on top of the other skyscrapers. To make things better the penthouse has a pool located on the 5th floor and from the top of the penthouse one gets to enjoy beautiful sunset and sunrise.

The setup of the exhibition lasted for two days from June 29th to June 30th. The setup is tedious and long as we have to build an entire exhibition area from scratch but after much hard work the team managed to get it all done. Afterwards I accompanied my two teammates: Sho Watanabe and Ayumi Ando to Target to get some printers and TV sets needed for the exhibition tomorrow.

During the entirety of Anime Expo 2017 me and my teammates pretty much stood in front of our booth, Manga Generator VR JUMP and advertised our interactive comic generator system. This being said I still had a blast mainly because how well received our system was. Throughout the day we had an endless amount of guests just dying to play our game. The waiting line literally never stopped and I actually wished I had some time to catch my breath but that never happened. In fact, I had to ask visitors to stop coming into our booth at the end of each day because we simply can’t accommodate everybody and still pack up on time. As an experienced exhibitor I know that we have broken our previous attendee records and turns out I was right, everyday our game Manga Generator was played almost 200 times when the previous record was a mere 100 times on a good day. Despite of how tiring the whole experience is we all had a tone of fun.

The last day of the exhibition was the American Independence day. That day me and other Tokyo VR startup guys got to eat lunch with Luckey Palmer at a nearby restaurant. We also get to enjoy fireworks on top of our penthouse.

多くのAnime Expoの参加者は美しいアニメキャラクターの服を着ています。

TechShopとTokyo VR Startup


先週の木曜日に私と同じ研究室の東田茉莉花はTechShop Japanのワークショップに参加するために東京都へ行きました。TechShopは本来に2006年にアメリカのカリフォルニア州のメンロパークで開所しました。今まで世界中に4ヵ国、合わせて14箇所あり、世界的に有名な工房です。最初に私達はTechShopと富士通の方と自己紹介したり、TechShopの案内をしたり、そして色々な機械を使いました。後に私と茉莉花は富士通の方に取材しました。ワークショップを終わった時に、私達を自分で作った作品を持って帰りました。

先週の金曜日に私とBabyチームのチームメートを一緒にTokyo VR Startup開所式へ参加しました。その開所式はスタートアップ企業した方の集会です。集会中に私は別の会社の方と喋れたり、名刺を交換出来たり、そして将来の目標についての意見交換ができたので、私はこんな集会が好きです。

Alright so I know that it’s been a long time since I updated this blog and my apology for the recent lack of new contents. Truth is I’ve been very busy with all kinds of company visits, gatherings, and meetings thus I barely have time to myself let alone updating this blog. This being said, I will be discussing about two of the events I have attended recently.

Last Thrusday me and a lab friend of mine Marika Higashida went to the TechShop Japan located at Tokyo in Japan. TechShop is actually a DIY workshop that started back in 2006 in Menlo Park, California. Now it has expanded all over the world with 14 offices spread across 4 countries (the other two countries being United Arab Emirates and France). As the name suggests, TechShop is a work space with many different types of equipment allowing people to use for a fee. The different types of equipment include textile machines, plastic molding machine, electric saws, and spray painting equipment just to name a few.

We began our visit by a brief self introduction between me and Marika, people from Fujitsu (since Fujitsu is involved with funding TechShop), as well as people from TechShop. Afterwards we are lead around TechShop and introduced to all different types of machines as well as brief demonstration on how to use some of them. The TechShop and Fujitsu company employees are even kind enough to let us create our own tool kits to take back as souvenirs. At the end of our visit me and Marika interviewed two of the Fujitsu staff about their career and what they do as well as some of the projects they are currently working on.

The next event I am going to describe actually take place just a day later when me and the rest of baby team members visited Tokyo VR Startup New Company Welcoming Ceremony. It is a party dedicated to new VR companies that will be starting their own businesses soon. During the party I was able to talk to many of the startup staffs such as MyDearest, EXPVR, the makers of Sushi Bar, as well as sponsors such as Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft, and HTC. All in all although these events can be busy and tiring, I still had a lot of fun talking to people from different backgrounds and exchanging ideas.

Tokyo TechShopの外に展示してあったのロボット。





This Thursday on May the 18th, me and the rest of Shirai-lab went to Shueisha. inc, the most famous manga magazine “JUMP” and its company . As a big manga fan myself, I am naturally very excited to have the opportunity to go on this pilgrim as Shueisha can easily be considered as the holy place not just for Japanese comic fans, but for any Japanese pop-culture enthusiasts.

Shueisha is located near Jimbocho station in Tokyo. At the entrance are various manga related products such as One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach’s posters, a life sized anime character wearing a two piece swimsuit, as well as many other goods. What’s more, the entire Shueisha is filled with manga posters, anime character board cut outs, and more life sized Jump characters. At the end of our tour we are all allowed to pick one Jump Anime merchandise and the one I picked is a Naruto Jacket.

Afterwards we went inside a large meeting room to discuss possible collaboration between Shirai-lab and Jump. Some of the topics we discussed include Shueisha’s exhibitions in England, France, America, and other countries as well as future opportunities abroad. After the meeting the entire crew went to a nearby restaurant and partied till well over midnight. Me and Asano left the place around 11:30 PM where we traveled by train back to Hon-Atsugi and then walked on foot back to our apartments.

等身大のアニメキャラクターpaper cut out





On May 13th 2017, me and the other members of Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship Foundations member went over to Kamakura City for a sightseeing trip. Since it was raining heavily on Saturday, I was the only student who can make it to the meeting but because of it, I get to talk to many Rotary Yoneyama officials. Overall I had a lot of fun with the exception of getting myself all wet from the rain.

Our tour guide for that day used to work for the Kamakura City government for 35 years before retiring and becoming a kindergarten teacher. What’s more, my contact person, Takagi-sensei also came from Kamakura. Together the two of them kept on telling us all sorts of stories and lore about Kamakura the ancient city.

Our first destination was the Kamakura Cultural Center which is a western styled house on top of a hill. The cultural center exhibits all sorts of culture related documents about Kamakura ranging from historical scripts to art works and books done by authors and artists from Kamakura. Afterwards we ate out at a restaurant serving both Japanese and Western styled food. Since I do not have to pay for any of the food I had a good feast and during the dinner gets to know the officials a lot more.




私は先週、沢山自分のアパートで眠たり、研究室でプログラミングしたり、Book Offで漫画を読んだり、そして厚木市の至る所で散歩したり、しました。先週の土曜日に白井研究室は厚木市の山で野営ゼミが催されました。白井研究室の卒業生、現役四年生、他に研究室からの四年生、それに白井研究室に入る志望の学生を、三十人の学生が野営に出席しました。火を焚いて、肉と野菜を焼いて、バーベキューを食べて、ハンドヘルドゲームを遊んで、そして野営隣の川中に水で遊びました。皆は午前十時から、午後五時まで無休に遊びました。あの日の天気はとても暑いですが、全員はとても楽しそうでした。それに私は日本人の友達と日本で沢山話し合いました。概ね、野営は良いし、楽しいのイベントなので、とても満足です。

Hello everyone, Rex here, I just got back from the Japan Golden week, which is a long vacation resulted from combining several national holidays together. The holidays that were packed together to form golden week include the Showa Day, Constitution Memorial Day, Green Day (environmental protection day), and the children’s day. This is one of the most important and longest vacations in Japan and because of this Japanese people tend to take their entire family out on long vacations within Japan or abroad. As for me I didn’t go anywhere, simply slept a lot, went to comic shops to read manga, did some programming in my lab, and walked all over the Atsugi city. I actually walked around the city so much that I got bored of it.

On Saturday, May 6th, Shirai lab held a big picnic up on the mountains of Atsugi city. That morning me and a couple of my lab friends met at the Hon-Atsugi station, purchased all the meat we need for the party, and then drove back to the university to organize our supplies before taking off for the camping ground. In total around 30 students attended the event as not only are current lab members invited, but also students who graduated from the lab, other 4th year students, as well as students aspire to join Shirai-lab. We had a lot of fun at the camping ground and I got the unique chance to practice my Japanese with other Japanese students. It was also a joy to meet previous graduates of Shirai-lab and ask them how they are doing now that their job has started.

Lastly this time my Japanese was checked by Takeda, I am surprised by how little mistake I made this time! Overall I made only about three of them.






So what’s happening fellow bloggers. Rex again. Just yesterday on April 29th I went to the Miura Beach located at Southern Kanagawa prefecture and on my trip home stopped by Mikasa Park to admire the famous Mikasa battleship. Also people may find it surprising that the above Japanese version has no correction marks on it. That doesn’t mean I wrote a perfect Japanese blog on my first try, it’s just that I had different people checking my Japanese this time. My lab mates Yuya and Shou are nice enough to spend their time reviewing my Japanese post.

So back to the main topic, after spending 2 full weeks inside Atsugi city, I decided that I need a long trip to refresh my mind. Thus I decided to travel to one of the southernmost beaches in Kanagawa prefecture. After roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes of train ride as well as switching the train 3 times in between, I finally arrived at Miura beach. Surprisingly there aren’t a lot of people on the beach at this time, I can only suppose the weather is still too cold for most people as aside from some random surfers and families it is mostly empty. As usual, once I arrived at a new location I started walking aimlessly around, which is a very effective way to get to know a place actually as I ended up discovering many docks, new beaches, as well as some military like structures along the coast. Eventually I arrived on top of a small hill overlooking the surrounding oceans and that’s when I decided to turn back. After coming back to my apartment and looking at google map I found out that I had almost arrived at the south side of the beach (I started at the north side) .

On my way back I stopped at Yokosukachuo Station to check out a famous battleship. Upon arrival at Mikasa park I found out that the battleship is infact Mikasa battleship, a famous war ship that fought in the Russo-Japanese war in 1904. The ship is surprisingly well preserved and most of the cannons are still intact. Also worth noting is that there is a big American naval base right on the north side of Mikasa park and much of Yokosuka city is full of American and Japanese sailors. I also suspect there is a Japanese naval officer academy somewhere nearby as there are students dressed in officer clothing all over the place.

This concludes my very productive Saturday, which took over 8 hours despite of me only visiting two places.

電車中の風景です。/View inside the train.
三浦海岸の海の色は美しい青。/Beach at Miura.
三浦海岸にある軍事構造の建物です。/A strange military like structure at Miura beach.
明治時代からある有名な軍艦です。The famous Mikasa Battleship from the Meiji Era.
三笠軍艦の船長の像です。/The statue of captain of Mikasa Battleship.



今月の7日に私と白井先生は日本科学未来館中で開催されているディズニー美術展示 「ディズニー・アート展《いのちを吹き込む魔法》」 の開催会展覧会参加するために、東京へ向かいました。あのこの展覧会ディズニーからの色々な珍しい画像がありました。そして多くの歴史情報も展示しありました。しかしながらPixarの作品ぜんぜんありません。実の理由はわからないですが、ディズニーとPixarの関係はあまり良くないと思いました


最後に白井研究室の四年生はたった今SIGGRAPHにの提出投稿を完了していましたしました。フランスラヴァルLaval Virtual展示時にもう既にSIGGRAPH賞を受賞しましたが、今再びSIGGRAPHに提出投稿しています。この研究室の学生はとても盛んだ熱心と思います。私もより頑張る必要だとがあると思います。

Revised by Akihiko SHIRAI (2017/4/26, 71/100)

Hello folks, sorry for the lack of updates since last time. Things have been very busy and my PhD program at Kanagawa Institute of Technology actually officially started some two weeks ago. Also you can see, there are a good amount of correction marks in the Japanese version of my blog, this is because my supervisor Akihiko Shirai helped me proof read through my draft and gave me a grade. Hopefully as time goes on I will make fewer mistakes. Now onto the main topic.

On April 7th 2017, me and my supervisor Shirai-sensei went to Miraikan at Odaiba Tokyo to see ”The Art of Disney – The Magic of Animation” exhibition’s opening ceremony. Because this is a preview of the exhibition, only people with special invitations are allowed to come. Since this is an official licensed Disney exhibition, there are a lot of concept artworks, demo animations, photographs, and even old animation machines at the exhibition. If anything it sure is good to be re-acquainted with the old Disney classics and overall I had quite a lot of fun. I do find it strange however, that none of the Pixar works were being exhibited here. Although I do not know the exact cause, I can only imagine it is because Disney and Pixar are more or less rivals at this stage and wouldn’t want to include works from their rival company (although Disney owns Pixar, I still suspect there are some rivalry going on there).

On April 8th and 9th I attended the “Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation” Scholarship Students ceremony and officially became a member of the Yoneyama club. During the ceremony I got to meet with a lot of students of different nationalities including Korean, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese,  Thai, Nepalese, and so forth.  I also got to know some of the Rotary Yoneyama staff. All in all I was impressed with the kinds of people involved with the foundation and would really like to get more involved with the club.

Lastly the 4th year students at Shirai-lab has just finished submitting their paper to SIGGRAPH. Although they have already won the SIGGRAPH award and will be going to the upcoming SIGGRAPH conference for sure, these people still want to add more stuff to the conference. I am quite surprised by their desire to submit materials to conferences.

展示の場所中に写真を撮れないので、外にのポスターだけ撮りました。/Since visitors are forbidden from taking photographs inside the exhibition hall, I can only take some photos of posters outside the exhibition.
ロータリー米山奨学金新入生パーティーの中に他に学生と挨拶しました。/Chatting with other scholarship recipients.

2017 France Trip Continued (Laval)





On the fifth full day the advance team was joined by the last team member of Real Baby – Real Family Daiki Agatsuma, as well as team supervisor Akihiko Shirai-sensei. We made our way to Laval VR exhibition located at the ancient city of Laval and spent the entire day setting up the exhibition. Laval itself is a city of over 900 years old and is the French city with the highest castle concentration ratio. The entire town is full of ancient fortresses, churches, and structures. Right at the center lies the Mayenne River which has supported the Laval population since ancient times.

In the next five days from March 22nd to March 26th our team would entertain over 400 guests and eventually won the SIGGRAPH award during the Laval Award ceremony. When it was announced that our team would receive the SIGGRAPH award I was extremely emotional and somewhat embarrassed by standing beside my other teammates during the award ceremony as I was just an English translator and onsite support. Winning the SIGGRAPH award also means the team will be heading to California for the SIGGRAPH conference later this year. As for me it is undecided whether I will get to go or not due to the limited budget but if my submission in SIGGRAPH gets accepted I will be able to join the team.

The reception to our exhibition was in general positive with most players saying the project is ground breaking, innovative, and fun to play. There are some negative feedback of course such as how the system functions more as a working demo rather than a full blown game and that the baby could have more facial expressions. During this time I was also able to meet with many VR enthusiasts from all around the world. We had party almost every single night and at the end of the five day marathon I was dead tired but feeling extremely fulfilled.

After the Laval exhibition we visited Lactalis, the largest French diary company founded in Laval back in 1933 as well  as went to Rennes to tour the Mount Saint-Michel, an ancient French fortress situated on an island. I have had a lot of fun and am looking forward to my next journey.

LAVALの修道院が美しく、古い窓があります。/The old churches of LAVAL has some very beautiful windows.
赤ちゃんチームを展示の準備しています。/Team Baby preparing for the exhibition.
400以上の体験者が赤ちゃんを体験しました。/Over 400 players experimented with our project.
毎晩パーティーがありました。沢山海鮮料理を食べました。/There are parties everyday and we all ate a lot of seafood.
モンサンミッシェルは古代時の重要な要塞です。/Mount-Saint Michel Abbey is an important stronghold in Normandy.