About CrazyDada

We are 3rd year student in Department of Information Media, Faculty of Information Technology, Kanagawa Institute of Technology.

CrazyDada is a name of  3D-CG Animation Project.
We use iClone Software to make animation work.
About iClone visit Reallusion’s Site → www.reallusion.com/

Our member can use Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect, and iClone.

If you have any question or request or maybe want to send fan mail, please feel free to contact us!!
e-mail :kait.iclone.animators@gmail.com

Member Introduction.


Name:Ryo Nakamura
Post: Director, Animator
Comment: I love Dadi.
Skill: Camera work, Lighting, Editing


Name:Takumi Matsumoto
Post: Writter, Animator
Comment: We are planning to go to terribly far in the near future.
Skill: Charactor-design, Creation


Name: Hirotaka Sasame
Post:  Animator, Director


Name:Hisataka Suzuki
Post: Manager, Animator
Comment: I can not forget the horrors of that time.
Skill: English-Language, Physics in Animation

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